SFX-IT – Swedish for programmers

SFX-IT for programmers is a flexible solution, regardless of your level of Swedish and how you wish to study. You may choose to study online or in a classroom. Together with C3L you decide for how long you wish to study and what the course should contain. You may choose to study up to three semesters, which is equivalent to one and a half years.

The aim with SFX-IT is that you as a programmer from another country can learn Swedish quickly and be available on the Swedish labor market.

How do you study?

At SFX-IT you have two options to choose between regarding study form.

Daytime in classroom in Tyresö

If you choose to study at daytime in a classroom, you will study about 15-18 hours per week and study Swedish as a second language with focus on IT and programming. We recommend that you choose daytime studies if that is possible.

Evenings online

If you choose to study at evenings online, you will get about three hours a week in a virtual classroom through the web platform Fronter. You work on your own, following a course plan with assignments and tasks and during the webinars your teacher will mainly be focusing on oral exercises.

You will need to come to C3L for a briefing in conjunction with the course start and at the end of the semester when you make a final exam.

This is a good solution for you who already work as a programmer but need to learn Swedish to be able to continue to work in Sweden.

Who can apply?

You need to be an experienced programmer, e.g. have a university degree or a Microsoft certification within programming.  You can start as a beginner or on SFI D or Swedish as a second language basic level (sva grundläggande).

You also need to speak and understand English.

How do I apply?

The first step is to fill in a note of interest.
After filling in the form, you will receive a link to a pdf form. You need to save it, fill it in, print it and hand it to the SFI center or Komvux center in your municipality (kommun), together with copies of all the required documents stated on the form.

Your municipality needs to sign part 2 of the application form. After signing it, they will send the complete application to us.

You will then receive an invitation to a programming test in optional language which will test your programming abilities.

Course contents

Mandatory courses

  • Professional Swedish from beginner SFI C to advanced level
    Course description: The student starts at the level they are currently at. The Swedish taught in class is suitable for programmers, and aims to build up a great vocabulary that can be used throughout the Swedish IT world. The courses end with a grade.
    All Swedish courses are available online, evening time, with classes in an online classroom once per week.
  • Swedish with C#
    Swedish courses (daytime) include a course in C#. You learn the basics of the programming language C#, as well as the usage of Swedish terminology within programming. This course is offered to everyone who has passed the SFI C course.

Optional courses

  • Programming 1 with Java, daytime or online
    The course includes: data storage and processing, logics, vectors, methods, objects, class library and file storage.
  • Programming 2 with Java, daytime or online
    The course includes: inheritance, UML, interface, Java Collections Framework, graphic user interface, threads and communication.
  • Certification courses in C# and Java, online
    Course description: We offer course packages for you who wish to get the official certifications from Oracle of Microsoft within Java and C#. You study on your own via a study plan online and in the end you are offered a voucher valid with two tries with the official testing institutes at Microsoft and Oracle.

Besides this, we also offer:

  • CV construction
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Individual coaching
  • Guest lecturers, visits and events with focus on IT