Studera på C3L

To study at C3L

C3L – adult education for residents of Tyresö

At C3L we organize adult education in many areas and at different levels where freedom of choice and quality are in focus.

Various needs

We organize courses at basic level and we provide vocational education. We offer daytime and evening courses as well as distance courses in order to give students opportunities to study at their convenience. In addition, flexible teaching methods are used to meet the various needs of our students.

Quality of education

Our ambition is to provide education of high quality, where we focus on each student. Our teachers are qualified and have a long experience of individualized adult education. Our tuition rests on the basic values of a democratic society and the equal value of all people. We want you to feel comfortable and secure in our school.


Study counseling: At C3L all residents of Tyresö can turn to a study counselor for advice.

Individual study plan: Each student at C3L is entitled to an individual study plan.

Basic, core and other qualifying subjects: C3L provides basic adult education and upper secondary core subjects. Subjects which make students qualified for higher education at C3L or elsewhere are also available. Some courses might not be available at all times. If so, you can attend them in a neighboring municipality or make use of our distance learning options.

Quality: In order to assure the standard of our education, student surveys are being conducted on a regular basis every term and twice a year.